Your business is built on data.

theMatchBox helps you mine it.

HR Matching-as-a-Service
Our best in class Matching-as-a-Service engine (MaaS) uses powerful Language Analyers, NLP and machine learning to give a competitive edge to recruiters, headhunters, temp or outsourcing agencies.

MaaS allows you to connect job openings with ever more scarce human capital in a faster and better way, saving time and money for your recruiters and increasing satisfaction of your clients and candidates!

Our research shows that MaaS is on average 2x times more accurate than current solutions in the HR market in Belgium. A huge improvement that will make you, your customers and candidates happy!

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Super Smart Search

"Data is the new oil" is a correct statement on the condition that you can find what you are looking for.

theMatchBox intelligent search technology is the next level for searching your data. TheMatchBox search is more intuitive by handling natural variations in language use for English, French and Dutch (German coming soon). Our search technology comes as a plugin and can be integrated into your current system (e.g. Elastic or SOLR). Improve the search on any website, online store, product catalogue, job site, helpdesk database, technical manuals, inspection reports, CMS system, intranet, knowledge base, self-service portals and so on!

TheMatchBox search will help you monetize your data!

Data Intel

Know the feeling that all the information is there but you you can't get your head around it?

theMatchbox can help you automate your text processing and extract data intel from your digital data in any machine readable form (files, SQL) or add automatic referencing to large volumes of text documents by using our intelligent language technology, whether you want to use the intel for internal processes, market intelligence, compliance or research purposes.

By feeding your organisations specialised terminology (HR, Legal, Travel, Production manuals) to our intelligent MatchBox engine you can be sure that no data is missed.

TheMatchBox will turn large volumes of dumb data into intelligent data!

Legal document analysis and (re)search systems in order to accelerate the day-to-day practice of legal practitioners, giving them access to valuable insights which are today most of the time locked up in (un)structured sets of documents.

TheMatchBox NLP/AI-based technology seamlessly understands the meaning of (con)text, so data extraction from any type of legal document and data set becomes easy.

Can't get your head around Elasticsearch? TheMatchBox can help you out with that. is probably the best open source search solution on the market today which is an essential part of our solutions like HR matching-as-a-service, Super Smart Search and other value propositions.

We've powered up Elastic with our own advanced language analyzers, NLP and AI to create state-of-the-art search and match solutions, maybe we can help you achieve the same, so let's talk!

Our services

Intelligent Automation using Natural Language Processing for Searching and Matching large volumes of texts saving time and money for your organisation.
Rapid prototyping or hackaton to discover the value of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Matching in your organisation
Swift or indepth audit and benchmarking of your current search and/or matching setup
Setup and integration of theMatchBox search or match engine in your website, intranet or internal knowledge or datawarehouse.
NLP development to build your project or assist your team.
NLP consulting to help you in building your search, matching and data strategy
All your Elasticsearch queries.

Our expertise

We are three entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, but with a shared passion for analyzing written language and building search-and-match solutions that create value for businesses around the world.
Joeri Mesens
Joeri Mesens


Information Retrieval specialist with over 20 years of experience in building search engines.

Data protection Officer (GDPR).

Leen Van Acker
Leen Van Acker


Computational linguist with a passion for language.

Natural Language Processing specialist.

Jan Govaerts
Jan Govaerts

Managing Partner

Converting brilliant technology into value propositions.

Solving pains or generating gains for over 20 years.

Vincent Schoeters
Vincent Schoeters


Focusing on innovation within the legal spectrum.

Helping legal practitioners to optimize their day-to-day-practice in order to achieve greater efficiencies and value.

Our projects

theMatchBox is working for several companies and organisations, helping them find the right information and intelligence out of their data using advanced language analyzers, NLP, AI and our expertise and perseverance.

The companies we are allowed to mention are listed below, the others we need to keep a secret We're afraid.

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