Your business is built on data.

theMatchBox helps you find it.

Plug in a smart search solution

theMatchBox intelligent search technology greatly improves search results and makes searching your data more intuitive by handling natural variations in language use for English, French and Dutch. Our search technology comes as a plugin and can be integrated into your current system. Improve the search on your job site, online store, helpdesk database, CMS system, company intranet, and so on!

Find better matches

Classic matching solutions only take into account the perspective of one the parties being matched. But there are always two parties to a happy match. theMatchBox's bidirectional matching makes sure that the wishes of both parties are taken into account before returning matches.

Use your own words

At theMatchBox we know that each company is different and uses a unique set of words. theMatchBox can do an analysis of some of your company's data and extract its unique  terminology. By feeding your specialised language to our intelligent language models you can be sure that no important documents are missed during searching or matching.

Meet the team

We are two entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, but with a shared passion for search-and-match solutions.
Joeri Mesens
Joeri Mesens


Information Retrieval specialist

Leen Van Acker
Leen Van Acker


Computational linguist

Corluylei 43 2150 Borsbeek (Antwerpen)
E-mail: Phone: +32 477 19 44 55